Ruby never asked for the abilities that almost cost her life. Now she must call upon them daily to bring down a corrupt government. Others call her Leader, but she knows what she really is: a monster.
Crucial information about the disease that killed most of America’s children has survived, but its truth is saved in one place: the hands of Liam Stewart. As Ruby sets out across a desperate, lawless country Ruby will do anything to protect the people she loves.
But what if winning the war means losing herself?

You know when you get those really traumatic books that you want to throw in someone’s face and hope that it hurts them more than the book hurt you... this is one of them. Heartbreak-on-heartbreak.

Much like the first book, Alexandra Bracken has managed to create an action-packed novel that kept me on my toes and my heart racing the whole time. I found myself holding my breath through the gunfire, the roaring of flames and the explosions of electricity. I was captivated by the sensation of falling through a stranger’s mind and surprised by the unexpected kiss in the rain – any idealist’s romantic dream, am I right? 

 This book was beautiful and horrible at the same time and, while it destroys you a little, it is beyond worth it! Ruby is a beautifully flawed character and everything about her just feels so REAL! Her struggles, her pain, it is so layered, so coloured – I can feel her torment and her anguish.

Caught up with the ‘League’ she had never trusted and torn from the only people she could believe in, Ruby is forced to adapt, hardening her mind and sharpening her powers until every part of who she was is buried. With a new, slightly less enthusiastic gang, they are sent on impossible mission after impossible mission, all for a cause which is not their own. When Ruby is reunited with her boys, Liam with no solid memory of her and Chubs pissed about it, they are forced to save the entire organisation from crumbling to nothing.

This was amazing!  Introducing the new characters, Jude and Vida, added a new vibrancy to the story that I had not expected. The two League agents had, at first, entirely different thoughts on Ruby; to Vida, the new addition was an unwanted rival for attention and her progression to the top of the ladder whereas Ruby was to Jude another person to talk to, to make feel welcome and of course – hug! 
 Jude is a gawky kid who just wanted to know who Ruby was, really, not the cold person she had become. His presence lifted everyone’s’ hearts and brought smiles to their faces, even Vida’s. Vida is pretty much the opposite of Jude – all spunk and hard edges. Vida is a combination of claws and spikes, greeting people with open hostility but is a fiercely loyal friend once she gets to know someone. Her sass and wit adds a comedic tone – at least for the reader, and you can’t help but love her with her bright blue hair and quick tongue.

Full of sass and wisdom, this book is haunting and you will not want to let it go. This is a must read trilogy!!!

Rating: 4/5

Grab yourself a copy online from Amazon or Book Depository for an awesome price.

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